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SEMA Bonus

In celebration of the SEMA Show 2017 being around the corner, we are offering a free SEMA Bonus! With every purchase of a Fortune Auto coilover set, we will include a FREE set of Radial Bearings and Front Locking Spring Perches. Please note that the Radial Bearing upgrade only applies to vehicles that utilize a MacPherson strut application. The SEMA bonus promotion will be valid until the last day of SEMA – Nov 3 at 11:59PM.


How to:

When ordering through an authorized Fortune Auto dealer, please mention the SEMA BONUS promotion.

If ordering directly through Fortune Auto’s online store – shop-fortune-auto.com – use discount code “SEMABONUS” on the checkout page.

Radial Bearings - *applicable to MacPherson Strut applications only*

Our engineers have combined the advantages of race spec camber plates and spherical bearings with a bearing similar to those of an OEM that isolates spring movement from the rest of the coilover assembly. We use a high-quality radial Koyo Japan bearing that integrates into the upper spring perch. Now when the coilover assembly turns, the radial bearing allows the camber plate and piston shaft to spin separately from the coilover assembly. This eliminates approximately 95% of the noise associated with camber plates on a strut vehicle. You may occasionally experience spring noise with our new radial bearing mounts, but will still notice a great improvement, since you will now enjoy the benefits and adjustability of a true race setup while not experiencing frequent and harsh spring binding noise.


SEMA Bonus

Locking Spring Perches - Front only

The locking spring perch is recently developed option that make the Generation 6 Fortune Auto coilover systems even more customizable. The LSP (locking spring perch) no longer requires a locking ring to lock the spring perch in place. This allows more height adjustment on some MacPherson applications and is less likely to come loose benefiting motorsports applications that run larger and more aggressive tire compounds.
SEMA Bonus
SEMA Bonus
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