DIY: Disassemble & Reassemble Your Own Coilovers

Just like all moving and working parts on a vehicle, your Coilovers need to be serviced after a while. Depending on the model, service intervals vary. For dedicated daily driving and street use, your Coilovers need to be serviced every 60,000 miles or so. If the car sees any regular track time, it’s recommended that you have your set serviced every 15-30,000 miles. If you have a dedicated track car with any of our Motorsports Shocks, it’s in your best interest as well as the car’s to have your shocks serviced every 1,000 miles.

Now, if you need to replace a damper insert or decide youw ant to change your shocks out yourself, not only do we sell individual shock bodies and other components, we also decided to give you a little cheat sheet on how to do it! It doesn’t require an entire race shop or state of the art facility like Fortune Auto to disassemble and reassemble your Coilovers. You do, however, need to have the following: a clean work area with some room to lay things out in order, 2mm and 5mm Allen Keys, Spanner Wrenches that are included with every set of Fortune Auto Coilovers, an electric impact driver, and 17mm or 21mm sockets depending on the application. Once you have your work area set up with the tools required, fire this video up and get to work! We’re always available during normal business hours to help with any issues you might have! Lastly, keep in mind all individual components are available through us if anything is damaged or lost in the process.