FAQ: Divorced Rear and True Coilover Rear Suspension Configurations; What’s the difference?

Many vehicles come with a separate spring and shock configuration (Divorced Rear) from the manufacturer. The ride height on Divorced Rear setups is adjusted with the spring perch and the shock then must be adjusted to match to avoid creating too much tension on either shock or spring. Installing and setting up a Divorced Rear suspension is a little more involved than a traditional True Rear Coilover. Take a look at the video here as we outline all the dos and don’ts of installing a Divorced Rear Coilover Kit.

For some vehicles that are designed with a Divorced Rear suspension, we offer True Rear Coilover substitutes but, not for all vehicles. If you want to know if your Divorced Rear setup vehicle has a True Rear option, please click over to our Application List or our Online Shop to check. You can also give us a call or email us to speak with one of our Chassis Specialists.

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