Gears and Gasoline picks up a set of Fortune Auto Coilovers

Fortune Auto has been a passion project for over 10 years now. We have grown into a highly technical and specialized brand that focuses on bringing high-end suspension technology to the masses at an affordable price point. @gearsandgasoline did a phenomenal job of capturing the essence and passion of our company on their latest video.

What's it Like to Build Track Coilovers?

“My Evo has long been pretty stock, but it’s time for grown-up suspension. Fortune Auto North America happens to be only a few hours from us, so I swung by to get some new coilovers and film the build process behind them. Special thanks to Fortune Auto and our honorary intern Devin Herndon for facilitating all this and making this video possible. Special thanks to Brett Jordan for the motion graphics assistance. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @gearsandgasoline”