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All Fortune Auto suspension is custom made to order.


Email Address*
*What is the year/make/model of your car?*
*What type of driving are you using your car for? Please specify in percentage points (i.e. 90% track and 10% daily). Usage includes: circuit, track, drift, daily, drag racing, and autocross. *
If your vehicle is used on a circuit track, do the tracks you drive on have a smooth or bumpy surface?
*What brand, model, and width tire will you be running? (i.e. Nitto NT01 285mm)*
What other suspension modifications do you have on your vehicle? (i.e. sway bars, bushings, etc)
If your vehicle has a motor swap, please specify.
If your vehicle is heavily modified, what is the weight of your vehicle?
If your vehicle is primarily used as a track vehicle, please specify what aerodynamic modifications you have (check all that apply):
*Does your vehicle have a roll cage?
If your vehicle has a roll cage, please specify how many points:
If your vehicle has a roll cage, is it:

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