How to Adjust Coilovers

Setting up and adjusting your Coilovers is easier than you might think! All Fortune Auto Coilover kits have damping and ride height adjustability independent of preload. What does that mean? Damping is the force of the shock absorber. Every Fortune Auto shock has 24 steps of damping adjustment from soft to firm. The enables you to find the ideal ride quality for your build. In most traditional suspension configurations, you will find a small knob at the top of each shock absorber. Our knobs have arrows pointing to the left and right rotations signifying “S” for softer and “H” for harder. In some cases, the shock might be inverted or restricted access to the top of the shock so we use what we call a Donut Clicker. These Donut Clicker assemblies work the same way but are found toward the bottom of the shock. Ride height is also adjustable and it’s independent of spring preload. Other simpler Coilover systems might have adjustable ride height but sometimes lowering the ride height loads or compresses the spring too much resulting in an uncomfortable bouncy ride quality. Fortune Auto Coilovers are designed to provide a wide range of ride height settings completely independent of spring preload. To adjust your vehicle’s ride height, simply detach the bottom of the shock from its correlating control arm then either spin the lower mount up the threaded shock body to lower the vehicle or spin the lower mount down to raise it. One thing you always want to make sure of, especially on daily driven street cars, is to have the correct preload in each spring. Don’t overthink this whole preload thing, it’s easy. Here, we’ll show you!