Fortune Auto; Built for Enthusiasts by Enthusiasts

Fortune Auto; Built for Enthusiasts by Enthusiasts

At Fortune Auto, we develop race-winning, performance suspension systems for Japanese, European, and American vehicles. The advanced suspension technology found in our dampers is derived from successes in Global Time Attack, Gridlife, Formula Drift, One Lap of America, NASA and IMSA Racing Series, and many more across the world. Research and development on the racetrack allows us to deliver the best suspension system on the market which optimizes comfort, reliability, and performance.

Fortune Auto is built on the constant pursuit of perfection and success. When the company was founded back in 2008, it was a result of the age old theory “if you want something done right, do it yourself”.

Fortune Auto is a team of enthusiasts and drivers passionate about suspension and performance; we’re here for you. The best way to control the quality of our product is to keep everything under one roof. So, from prototyping, research, and development all the way to the final nuts, bolts, and decals; Fortune Auto Coilovers are built for you.

Fortune Auto - 2020 GR Supra (A90) Prototyping Process

In-house design and prototyping here at Fortune Auto allows us to develop a finalized product that fits just like its OEM counterpart. Enjoy a closer look at the design and prototyping processes for our newly released A90 Supra application. Our 500 and 510 Series Coilovers are available now for the 2020 GR Supra.