What do Coilovers Do?

Coilover Suspension is one of the most popular and is considered to be one of the essential steps in modifying a vehicle. Whether it’s just for appearance or for an improvement in performance, the right Coilover system can completely transform your build.

We all agree that every car looks better lower and, for many owners, it stops there. And that’s fine! There’s no point in having an overkill setup on a daily driver. You want the car to look better, sit lower down closer to the tires, or even in some cases, tuck tire. But none of us want our cars to ride worse. We feel that. Literally. The quality control process at Fortune Auto is a tedious one. Our 500 Series (especially when paired with an application’s recommended spring rates) is the ideal setup for a daily driver or modified street car. You get all the damping and ride height adjustability without any loss in comfort. In fact, more times than not, you’ll feel an improvement in ride quality over OEM and you’ll certainly feel the improved performance. We offer a wide variety of shocks for every type of build. That daily driver we’ve been talking about? Easy – 500 Series. You have aggressive wheel fitment and you want the car as low as you can be? Boom – Super Low Spec. You find yourself spending more and more time at the track and you need more adjustment and performance from your shocks? 510 Series has more than enough for that. Even if you find yourself chasing lap records and pushing harder and harder each lap, our line of 2 and 3 Way adjustable Motorsports shocks will help you get closer than you’ve ever been to that elusive perfect lap. You can learn about our entire line of Adjustable Coilovers for every type of build right on our website and YouTube Channel!