FAQ: Do Fortune Auto Coilovers Come Preloaded? If not, how is Preload set?

No. Fortune Auto Coilovers do NOT come preloaded from our facility.

We choose this to decrease any risk of damage to the Coilovers while in transit. Included with all Fortune Auto Coilovers is a set of instructions including preload information. Before installing your Coilovers, you’ll need these tools to set your preload: 5mm Allen Key, Spanner Wrenches (included with all Fortune Auto Coilovers), and a measuring tape. When measuring the preload, make sure you take measurements from the top of the spring to the bottom of the spring. Preload recommendations for MacPherson vehicles is different than that of a Double Wishbone vehicle. For MacPherson vehicles, we recommend 1/4” (0.25”) of preload. For Double Wishbone vehicles, you’ll only need to preload 1/8” (0.125”).

Too much preload can result in a bouncy ride quality and poor performance and not enough preload can result in unwanted suspension noise and feel. Take a look at the video to see exactly how we recommend setting preload on your Fortune Auto Coilovers.