Twin-Drift Challenge // Team Drift Event – 09/15/19

Richmond Raceway Comples

September 16, 2019 @ 9:00 am – @ 5:00 pm

TWIN-DRIFT Challenge!

Welcome to Drifting Series’ Twin-Drift Challenge. 32 drivers, 16 teams. This event consists of teams of 2. These 2 drivers will do their best try to impress the judges with their driving skill to mirror each other perfectly; TWIN DRIFT!

Teams of 2 Drivers will qualify into a TOP 16 Team Bracket and teams will go head to head in a bracket-style format to knock each other off and advance to the next round!

This is a friendly competition amongst friends! A fun battle of teams before RVA All-Stars on 10/13/19!

NOTE: if your team normally consists of more than 2, you can have 2 groups from your team enter separately!

Which PAIR of Drivers will take home the title of TWIN-DRIFT CHAMPION!!